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King of

King of Laksa

Uncle Ching is a casual restaurant serving quick takeaways and no-frills dining, being the first in Hong Kong to offer the traditional Sarawak Laksa from East Malaysia.

Our Story

When we say we are a family business, we mean we are a family business.
It all started with a family in the rural, humble, and ever humorous part of Malaysia, Kuching, Sarawak.

Owner and head chef Magdaline’s mother, Mawas in Kuching and Sweden.

Laksa and the other Sarawak dishes were the platform that inspired friendships, boozy nights and new traditions.
Most importantly, they formed a new family that carries that culture with them, where ever they go.

Owner and now father of the family Magnus went from Sweden regularly for the love of the culture and friendships.

Today, Uncle Ching is bringing these raw memories of food to Hong Kong, with the mission to preserve the beautiful story and bring new respect to the culture, one bowl at a time.

Magdaline and Marina trying to replicate home flavours, making it available to all.

Our Laksa

We are the only restaurant in Hong Kong that exclusively serves Sarawak style Laksa. It is a bowl of rice vermicelli noodles immersed in a light bodied full aromatic broth. The thin broth comes from the traditional way of slow cooking for over 12 hours, fused with 20 different spices.


No Preservatives

No Bad Vibes

Sarawak Laksa

Common Laksa in Hong Kong

Uncle Ching Laksa

> Thick or curry broth
> MSG enhanced
> Oil noodle and vermicelli
> Mixed garnish

> Light refreshing broth
> No MSG whatsoever
> Thin vermicelli only
> Calamansi and sambal

We are not the only ones who are crazy about this style of Laksa. Late Anthony Bourdain numerously called Sarawak Laksa the “Breakfast of the Gods”.

How to enjoy Sarawak Laksa?

There are more than 5 styles of laksa across South East Asia. In Hong Kong, all restaurants with laksa on the menu are traditional and spinoff versions of Penang, Singapore, or Curry Laksa. They are all great laksa, but what we serve at Uncle Ching is uniquely found on the street corners of Kuching,
East Malaysia.

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